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How do you know you are ready for Workflow Automation?

Every business is different, with its own unique needs. When any new technology or app comes out, there can be a compulsion to jump on board straight away.

But is that new solution right for your business? Will it deliver enough benefits to make the investment worthwhile, and is your business ready for it? When it comes to workflow automation, these five questions will help you decide if it’s right for you.

1. Have you got standardised processes?

Automation is ideal for structured processes. This means a workflow that already has rules, and not too many exceptions. Highly repetitive tasks that are always carried out the same way tend to suit automation best.

2. Are there communication issues?

When a process is managed by multiple people, there can often be bottlenecks waiting for the next person to take action. This is where workflow automation can really help, because it manages the entire process end-to-end. It’s not reliant on a specific individual, who may be out of the office or in meetings at the critical time their input is needed.

3. Is human error a problem?

With processes that involve tasks such as data entry, copying data and a high number of transactions, human error can be a major problem. Automated processes remove a lot of the potential for error. If data is submitted and transferred electronically, it only needs to be input once, and the original data won’t accidentally be changed at any point. 

4. Are approvals taking too long?

If current manual processes are causing delays, workflow automation can speed things up. With clear rules over what gets an immediate green light and what doesn’t, or what may need to go for review, you don’t waste time on pre-approved, box-tick items. This may be expenses claims below a certain amount, or budget requests made by people at a certain level of seniority.

5. Is there a lack of transparency?

If it’s hard to know what stage a process is at, such as the status of a request, it makes sense to automate it. With automated workflows, you can always see the status of any item at any time, and how far it is from completion, as well as receive immediate status alerts.

If you’re struggling with a lot of manual, repetitive tasks, and admin is piling up and starting to affect morale, it could be time to automate. Workflow automation will decrease your workload and increase your output. If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the above questions, your business may be ready for a change.

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