The easy-to-use client communication portal for professionals

Software can be overcomplicated and expensive. That’s why we created an affordable and simple solution to help professionals spend more time on what they do best – providing great service to clients.

Keep all the documents, data and messages for a job in one place, so you can easily check the status of every request and find relevant documents in seconds.

Instantly communicate with clients and team members to eliminate delays, and clearly see the history of all communications related to a specific job. No more digging through multiple email trails.

Save hundreds of hours by eliminating duplication. With Zapdat you define the workflow by using our ready-made templates or creating your own. See the status of each job at a glance and set the system to generate automatic requests and reminders.

Zapdat helps your business maintain the highest standards of professionalism. Ensure the quality and tone of your communication is consistent. The portal that your clients see is professional, secure, easy to use, and branded with your firm’s name.

This is the solution created by professionals who understand how time consuming it can be to handle large volumes of client documents, data and communications. Zapdat is secure, safe, easy to use, and it takes just minutes to get started.

Request documents and information

Our templates make it easy to get started, but we understand that every business is different, so you can customise the workflow in a matter of seconds. Determine how and when data is collected, set the tone of automated communications, and work in a safe environment that guarantees the security of each client’s personal information.

Follow-ups and reminders

Imagine the time you’ve spent following up requests for information and sending reminders. Zapdat gives you hundreds of hours back by automatically tracking documents according to your workflow and schedule. Automation eliminates the need to chase information, and providers are informed when the data is delivered.

Send and receive messages

Send messages to clients and your team.  Zapdat takes care of sending reminders when messages haven’t been responded to.  All internal communications are kept confidential and all messages are stored in a single workspace for each job, so you don’t have to dig through folders of irrelevant email trails.

Everything in one place

Finding documents can be a frustrating task, and hugely time consuming. With Zapdat, you can quickly find all the documents, information and messages related to each job. Our cloud-based solution is secure and you can access everything you need for your client.


Save time with a solution designed by
professional service providers


do all pricing plans have the same features?

Yes! Zapdat offers the same great features for all customers.


100%! We are always ready to assist and guide you through the account set-up. Email us anytime at [email protected].


If you are not sure if Zapdat is for you, sign up for our free 30 day trial.

can a subscription be cancelled?
To cancel your Zapdat subscription, email us at [email protected]. Your subscription will then be cancelled from the end of your current subscription period. Zapdat does not provide a refund for any part of a subscription period that has already been paid for.
Does my subscription auto-renew?
Yes, your Zapdat subscription will automatically renew at the end of your current subscription period, and your card will be automatically charged the then current fees for the Zapdat subscription type you’ve selected on a recurring basis until you cancel your Zapdat subscription.
is my data safe and secure?
Yes, data security and protection is our highest priority. Our infrastructure employs the highest security features and protocols to ensure your and your clients’ data is safe and secure.
What support do you provide?

If you need help at any time, just get in touch at [email protected]. We’re here to help!